Yazda Statement On the Occasion of the Yazidi New Year ‘'Çarşema serê salê'’

Tomorrow, April 17, 2019, we will be welcoming the Yazidi New Year, known as ‘Çarşema Serê Salê. This is a unique celebration to the Yazidi community, a commemoration of the day in which God completed the creation of the universe, and life and nature began. The New Year marks a symbolic moment as it represents the renewal of nature and hope in the Yazidi faith, where Spring turns Earth into its most lush and vivid state.

On this occasion, Yazda’s leadership, members, and volunteers would like to send their most sincere wishes for peace and protection to everyone in the world, including the Yazidi people.

As we celebrate this holiday, we must remember the 3,000 Yazidi women and children who are still in ISIS captivity or missing after the victory over ISIS was declared last month. Those innocent people were and are subjected to the most heinous crimes being by ISIS criminals. We also remember the thousands of survivors, widows and orphans who are facing enormous difficulties on a daily basis after the genocide. We remember over 250,000 Yazidis who continue to suffer in the IDPs camps in Iraq and unable to return home for over 4 and a half years.

The Yazidis in Syria, especially, in Afrin, have similar situation to the Yazidis in Iraq and face unprecedented threats to their very existence. We pray for the safety and protection of all people of Syria, including the Yazidi community.

On this unique occasion, we call upon the Government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the international community to exert more efforts to find the 3000 missing Yazidis, bring justice to the victims and hold ISIS accountable for their crimes against Yazidis and all communities in Iraq and Syria. We also call on the above parties to put in place serious steps to restore security and stability to the Yazidi areas, especially Sinjar, and help Yazidis to return to their homes.

* The photos below were taken by Yazda Media Team in Lalish today