Yazda is supporting volunteer groups to raise awareness bout COVID-19 outbreak in Sinjar

The Yazda team in Sinjar and its surrounding areas has supported five volunteer groups to coordinate activities and distributed supplies that will help reduce the chances of an increased spread of COVID-19. 

The volunteer group activities included the sterilization of Sinjar City neighborhoods with disinfectants,  as well as the Solgagh area near Sinjar. Additionally, volunteers are distributing gloves and mask in Nasiriya village and in the markets of Sinjar City. They have sterilized the Sharfadin Shrine, as well as its surrounding areas, and distributed informational posters about COVID-19 outbreak prevention. The volunteers are conducting a campaign in the Zorava complex to raise awareness about the risks of the coronavirus. 

The volunteer groups that receive the support from Yazda are part of the project “Supporting the Return of IDPs in the Ninevah Plain and Western Ninevah” funded by USAID with support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), including the Center of Opportunity for Brilliant Future (COBF), Borek's Future Group (Borek Al-Mustaqbil), The Evaluation of Society Group, Zorava Youth Center, Snabel Future Organization, and Help Hand group.

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