Yazda Supports 40 Schools in Sinjar with Educational & School Supplies- UNDER USAID funded Project

Last month, under the innovative USAID-funded and IOM supported project, ‘’Supporting the Return of Displaced Population in the Ninewa Plains and Western Ninewa’’, Yazda distributed educational and school supplies to 40 schools in Sinjar. Similar support has been provided to schools in Sinjar. In 2018 and under the same project, Yazda supported 12 schools in Sinjar with furniture, educational and school supplies. Yazda is also planing to continue and provide similar support in 2020 to all the 40 opened schools in Sinjar which suffer greatly from the lack of governmental support.

This activity was one of several measures that Yazda is taking to support access to formal education in Sinjar. Since December 2018, under the same project, Yazda has been providing lecture-based allowances to 35 teachers in eight schools to help address the critical gap in human resources.

In conjunction with these efforts, Yazda is supporting 110 students to access Informal Education in Sinjar. 4 teachers are teaching English, Critical Thinking, Music, Sport and other entertainment activities to children in Borik towns in Sinjar.

Under this 24 month USAID-funded project, Yazda, with support of IOM, is also undertaking the following activities in the region:

Snuni and Sinjar periphery communities are inhabited primarily by minority communities that suffered significant displacement and infrastructure damage during the ISIS occupation. Barriers to accessing schools that have re-opened, staff shortages and lack of furnitures and supplies in schools are some of the challenges facing the Education System in Sinjar and in turn hindering recovery and IDP returns.

A need assessment conducted by Yazda Education Team in Sinjar in the September and October to understand the schools needs . Beneficiaries schools are: Sarkaftin high school, AlIraq Alaula, Aliraq secondary school, Mujamma'a AlYarmook, Barhingar, AlIraq Althaniya, Balistan for girls, Dehola high school, Dehola for boys, Qachragh , Mujamma'a Zorava, AlIraq high school, Sinune Alaula, Sinune high school, Barkhuadan, Eizida Basics, Sinune Althaniya, Ain Shams, Rojiya, Sinune Alaula mixed, Sinune primary mixed, Parwaree, Qurtuba Althalitha, Alandalus Althaniya, Burja Balak, sirka Haleeqiya, Yusifan, A''aree, Sinjar, Sinjar mixed, Adeeka, Kharba, Wardiya, Barzan, Sinune evening school, Ashtee school, Jabal Sinjar, Sinune Alsharqiya, Jagarkhwin,

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