Yazda visits the Dutch Consulate in Erbil to discuss the situation of the Yazidis in Iraq

On Wednesday, May 15th, 2019, Yazda delegation consisting of Yazda country director, Dr Aurelio Gomes, and director of Yazda office in Sinjar, Mr. Jameel Chomer, visited the Dutch Consulate in the Kurdistan Region-Erbil to discuss and clarify the risks and concerns of returning Yazidi refugees from Netherlands, the necessity to take in consideration and the suffering of Yazidis in KRG and Iraq.

During the visit, the delegation met with the deputy Consul General Mr. Jan Van Renselaar and briefed him with issues and concerns that may result from deporting Yazidi refugees and asylees to Iraq.

Yazda emphasized that returning Yazidis will create more problems and they will face a variety of issues including but not limited to displacement due to infrastructure, lack of healthcare, basic education and other psychological conditions. In addition to that, Yazidi individuals who returned home previously, are facing problems with the legal system in the country such as justice, security, and administration issues.

The Deputy Consul General confirmed that he will provide the Dutch government with information received and will inform them about the suffering of Yazidis in IDP camps and Sinjar area.