Yazda with Support of Mukwege Foundation provided support to 186 genocide survivors

Thanks to our partner, Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation. Through its support for the project “Increasing social reintegration and improving wellbeing among Yazidi survivors as a result of providing basic support”, Yazda's case management team has the opportunity to support and provide help to survivors of the genocide.

As a result of the project, the team has provided support to 29 victims in need of specialized medical treatment such as urgent surgeries. Thanks to the interventions, they are today in a better health condition. Following the Mukwege Foundation’s holistic approach to care, psychosocial assistance was also provided to 86 survivors in the IDP camps of Berseve, Khanke, Esyan, Qadia, Bajied kandala, Darkay, Baadry, Dawde, Chammishko, Shikhan, Mamrashan, and Sharya. In addition, 50 women received hygiene kit products.

Finally, the Yazda team organized a group training to teach survivors useful socioeconomic skills like knitting and baking pastries. In total, 71 survivors participated in these group sessions learning new skills and enjoying the opportunity to come together in fellowship.