Yazidi survivors participated in SEMA Third Annual Retreat organized by Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation

Yazidi survivors from Iraq, Hala Safil and Zinah Khallat Sulaiman, were accompanied by Yazda board member and Sweden director, Delkhwaz Haciy, to a survivor retreat in Luxembourg 21-28 March.

SEMA is a global network of victims and survivors to end wartime sexual violence. 52 survivors from 19 different countries, amongst those four Yazidi survivors, Hala Safil and Zinah Khallat Sulaiman from Iraq and Ekhlas Bajoo and Najlaa Mato from Germany, participated during the week.

Survivors and organizations, connected to SEMA network, discussed and worked on different work sessions throughout the week, such as continuing to implement SEMA’s action plan for 2019, common issues and joined strategies per region and the International Reparation Initiative. Yazda would like to thank Mukwege Foundation for organizing this important retreat and bringing survivors together from all across the globe.