Yazidi women complete training program on leadership and advocacy

As part of Yazda’s project entitled Women as Actors in Peace-Building and Reconstruction, generously funded by Norwegian People’s Aid, Yazidi women in five IDP camps received training in gender equality, leadership, and post-conflict reconstruction for a period of four months. On August 31, 2018, the participants had their final gathering, where they discussed what they learned in the training and provided feedback to Yazda staff about the project. The participants also attended a screening of the film The Uncondemned, detailing the story of how rape was prosecuted as a war crime for the first time. This screening was made possible thanks to the USC Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California and The Uncondemned, LLC. 

38 women who successfully completed the training program received their certificates of completion. The purpose of this project was to help equip Yazidi women with the necessary skills to promote their rights and increase female participation in peace-building and reconstruction efforts, in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 1325. As per positive feedback received from the participants on this project, Yazda will continue to support Yazidi women with similar training programs.