Youth Engagement & Community Activities in Sinjar by Yazda as a part of USAID funded Project

As part of the USAID funded and IOM supported project, “Supporting the return of the displaced population in the Nineveh Plains and West Nineveh”, Yazda`s local partners conducted several activities in Sinjar during November 2019.

Guhbal Youth Center organized a driving course for 17 women as the first time to offer driving lessons for women in the area. They also organized a music course and introduced various musical instruments to 22 participants. The make-up and beauty course they organized was equally successful and the 28 women who took part really enjoyed it.

Sinune Youth Center offered Math revision classes for 30 high school students, the volunteers of the group held and activity where they cleaned three schools in Sinune and they also set up a bus stop in front of the Sinune High School to offer the students a comfortable place to sit and find shelter from rain or sun.

Helping Hand Group in Khanasor had an awareness campaign for drivers, not to litter and also distributed posters and flyers within Khanasor. They also had a cleaning campaign in Ain Al Shams Primary School and also distributed bins to the classrooms. Furthermore, they held a literacy course for 30 women.

Zorava Youth Center paved the road leading to Zorava School, held a Project Management training course for 12 of its members and educated the elderly on health and preventing contagious diseases. 30 people attended the health awareness session.

Sanabel Mustaqbal Group in Sinjar City also organized a cleaning campaign, in Sinjar High School that recently moved to this new location. The volunteers also painted the walls of a Primary School in Sinjar City and held an awareness raising session for students and parents on the importance of school and attendance. About 30 people attended the session.

Evolution of Society Group in Sinjar City held crochet training in November and it was hugely successful among the 20 women who participated. The literacy training has also been continuing with several months with 22 women and there is still a big demand for this training. The group also held an official graduation ceremony for the women to celebrate their success and present them with diplomas.