Building Projects

Building and Infrastructure 


Most NGOs have focused development efforts on the agricultural sector, ignoring economic needs of the collectives. Consequently, the business sector has barely begun to recover from the crisis and external support would be welcome. The presence of more businesses in Shingal may also serve to buttress returnee numbers.

Renovation and Cleaning Yazidis and Christian Holy Sites

Activities include:

  1. Cleaning and light renovation of the Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary

  2. Cleaning and light renovation of Parish house

  3. Cleaning and reconstruction of Yazidi Temple

This project is run entirely by young volunteers from both the Yazidi and Cristian community in Bashiqa. One volunteer foreign architect supervises the conservative renovation of the architecture. Phase 1 of the project will see the reconstruction of Shah Mohammed Yazidi temple and the light renovation of the church and the Parish House. This will allow resuming the religious ceremonies as the population returns to Bashiqa. Phases 2 will deal with the rebuilding of the heavily damaged rear part of the Church, where vaults collapsed due to a mortar shell. Peace 3 will look at the architectural restoration of details of the bell tower.


Building Albakira School

Activities include:

  1.  Building of schools

    • Planning and building a 6 classroom school
    • Building a water well and bringing a generator for electricity


The school was much needed in Bakira, as most of the children lived too far to access any education. Three years of displacement worsened the situation, with the risk of generalised illiteracy. Staffed by the Government from September 2017, it will give children the opportunity to get back in education and to socialise. During the summer months, Yazda will conduct informal education workshops to prepare children for the return to school.

Yazda is also looking at establishing a small library which will include books in English.

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