Small Bussiness Support

Small Business support

The genocide conducted by the Islamic State in 2014 has devastated the region of Shingal, the Yazidi homeland. Since that time, many areas have become liberated and people have begun to return. However, redevelopment is a slow process requiring significant assistance and attention to potential inhibitors of progress.

Specifically, one gap in the redevelopment of Shingal is the need for small businesses in urban centers. Most NGOs have focused development efforts on the agricultural sector, ignoring economic needs of the collectives. Consequently, the business sector has barely begun to recover from the crisis and external support would be welcome. The presence of more businesses in Shingal may also serve to buttress returnee numbers that have previously remained low due to lack of services and supplies in the region. Therefore, Yazda has designed an intervention to support small business development to meet the needs of the community.