Yazda Sweden is a branch of the main Yazda organization. The team in Sweden is fairly new with its own activates supporting the Yazidi community locally and internationally. Over the past few years, many Yazidis have migrated to Sweden thus creating a bigger demand for Yazda to operate in the Scandinavian region and support the community in many different ways.

One of the main tasks that Yazda Sweden focuses on and working toward is the parliamentary recognition of the Yazidi genocide. Sweden has always played a very important role in the international politics as human rights advocator with its contribution to peacekeeping.  Moreover, Yazda Sweden aims to support the Yazidi community in ways to introduce and preserve the Yazidi culture among local residence and Yazidi people.

As we believe in teamwork unification of the Yazidi people, our team in Sweden is constantly coordinating with other Yazidi associations and leaders in Sweden in order to provide the best service for our community.