Testimonies from survivors of the Yazidi genocide


”Yazda recorded more than 1.500 testimonies from victims of last genocide, mainly from survivors of ISIS enslavement, in past three years

Walking down from that bare rock, Mt. Sinjar, after struggling to survive with no food or water for three days, where my wife and children were exhausted and stressed, we started walking down that safe path, which was established by US Air Force. ISIS was shooting at us, indiscriminately, at the dispread Yezidis, but they only would stop shooting at us when US jets were striking them of flying over. We own our American friends our lives. Our children will always remember that there was someone who felt our struggle and made a long journey to protect innocent people

Khalil Mojow, a father of three children from the village of Til Azir, quoted on his journey from Mt. Sinjar to Kurdistan region.

“ There was nothing I could feed to my children, my youngest child was Dakhil, 3 years old, Dakhil was laying his head on my should shoulder, crying, he was telling how hard he had to leave his toys behind, that no one should stay behind, then he would tell that he is thirsty and hungry, but for the first time in my live I felt hopeless, not able to feed my child. But aids were dropped from the sky and I felt that we still had chance live, we thank you for being on our side when the whole world remained silent”

A father of 4 children said from the village of Til Azir


“We were able to escape from captivity after ISIS was weakened, they were beating us, they were beating my three children in front of my eyes to force me to convert, the were selling Yazidi girls and women for 300 dollars each.. I am free now, but thousands of Yazidis are still in captivity, we have no one but God and USA, we need your help”

A Yezidi mother of three children who was held in Tal afar said. She was referring to weakening of ISIS after airstrikes, she was among the group who escaped on September 6th, she walked for 40 kilometers with her kids until they got to Mt. Sinjar after two days