Yazda United Kingdom and Ireland

Yazda United Kingdom and Irelnad is a registered charity in UK (No 1175169) and an essential part of Yazda Global Organisation, it has a diverse team consists of tens of members and volunteers from England, Scotland, Wales as well as the Republic of Ireland.

Yazda UK operates for the benefit of the Yazidi religious and cultural community as well as other ethnic-religious minorities, in particular, but not limited to those members of such communities that have suffered from the recent attacks of ISIS, such members located particularly but not exclusively in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Yazda's Main Goals:

  1. Defend the rights of Yazidis and other ethnic-religious minorities

  2. Support the victims of Yazidi genocide

  3. Advancement of health and the saving of lives among the Yazidi Community, including: (i) by providing medical items and services to such individuals in need; and (ii) locating a territory or territories in which the Yazidi Community can safely settle

  4. Prevention or relief of poverty among the Yazidi Community including by provision of grants, items and services to such individuals in need

  5. Advancement of community development, including by recording and making available to the public records of the cultural and religious customs and beliefs of the Yazidi Community

  6. Advancement of religious harmony and equality and diversity by promoting mutual understanding between the Yazidi Community and other communities, particularly in the United Kingdom

Contact Us:

Phone: +44 (749) 506-2635

Email: uk@yazda.org

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Contact Us:

United States 

Yazidi Cultural Center

300 N 27th St Suite C

Lincoln, NE 68503

United States​



Z12/36/3 KRO-Hano Street, 27st, Duhok, KRI, Iraq

Houston Office

P.O.Box. 771448 

Houston, TX 77215

USA and Canada: +1 (832) 298-9584

Email: info@yazda.org

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