Yazda Australia

Yazda Australia is a non-profit registered organisation, under the Corporations Act 2001, by Australian Securities & Investments Commission. The Registration Number is 622 235 956. 

Yazda team in Australia is working to:

1- Support Yazidi refugees arriving in Australia and consider the establishment of community development programs

2- Advocate for the Yazidi cause, including for government recognition of the genocide, and for perpetrator accountability for returning ISIS fighters

3- Liaise with settlement support services and government departments, including the Department of Immigration and the Department of Social Services

3- Represent the Yazidi community at events to promote the cause

Meet our active community and contact our leadership in Yazda Austalia below:

Yazda Team in Australia


Deputy Director of  Nadia Initiative and  Yazda`s Australian Director

Nikki Marczak is the Deputy Director of Nadia`s Initiative and Yazda`s Australian Director. A genocide scholar with a research focus on women’s experiences, Nikki has extensive experience in policy analysis, research and advocacy. She serves on the Board of the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and was selected as the 2016 Lemkin Scholar with the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. Nikki’s work has been published by various policy think-tanks, academic journals and media outlets. nikki@carobtree.com.au


Yazda`s Australian Deputy Director

Mazin Ghanm is working as a teacher and interpreter in Wagga Cafe and Mt Austin High School.  Mazin has worked with domestic violence organisation and court support officer in Brisbane, QLD. He has a master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Griffith University.



Yazda-Legal Advisor and Board member

George Newhouse is a prominent Australian human rights lawyer, Adjunct Professor of Law at Macquarie University and an advocate for law reform. Newhouse is the principal solicitor and a Director of the National Justice Project.  He is well known for his work with the vulnerable, in particular, the mentally ill, Aboriginal Australians, Aboriginal youth, refugees, detainees and prisoners. He has worked extensively with the survivors of genocide from Armenia, Africa and Europe.

Most notably, Newhouse represented Vivian Solon, who was illegally deported from Australia and Cornelia Rau who was wrongfully detained in an Australian detention centre for 10 months. He has acted in inquests for over 60 families. He also acted for 157 Sri Lankan asylum seekers intercepted on the High Seas by Australian Customs in the High Court case of CPCF v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

As an advocate of Aboriginal rights, Newhouse has acted for the Mutitjulu and Muckaty Aboriginal Communities against the Commonwealth Government.

In the recent case of s99 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, he was able to extend the Minister for Immigration’s duty of care to a refugee raped on Nauru.


Yazda-Australian Board Member

Daphne Haneman is a Queensland University postgraduate scholar in Peace and Conflict Studies (2016) with a research focus in violence, violent masculinities, nonviolent protest, peace and meditation. Additionally, Daphne has a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education from the University of New South Wales, and a Diploma of Journalism. She has spent twelve years as a Brisbane-based journalist and social commentator writing articles on the environment, violence and terrorism.

Daphne also spent three years as a management trainer helping businesses improve productivity. As a recovering victim of domestic abuse, Daphne retains a deep interest in practical, hands-on training interventions for perpetrators of violence, in creating a violence prevention culture, and in restorative healing and recovery programs for those that have had violence in their lives.


Yazda Volunteer

Emily-Jane Mellor joins Yazda Australia with a strong scientific background and is currently working in research within the health sector.   Emily-Jane is passionate about international human rights and is committed towards providing support for the Yazidi crisis.  She has received a PostGraduate Certificate from the University of Sydney in Health Communication and has graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Science.

Email: ejmellor@hotmail.com


Yazda Volunteer

Toni Watts is an experienced Special Education Teacher based in Wagga Wagga. She is a member of groups supporting a range of causes including early education, refugees, and LGBTI rights. Toni is supporting the new Yazidi community in Wagga with integrating into Australian life, and developing school and social connections between the Yazidis and broader community in the local area.                                           


Yazda Volunteer

Warda Hussien was accepted as a health science/medical laboratory student at university in Iraq before the 2014 genocide by ISIS. After fleeing with her family, she is now living in Australia and

planning to begin her studies here.


Yazda Volunteer

Khider Hussien is a Yazidi survivor of the 2014 ISIS genocide, now living in Australia. He was a medical student at the University of Dohuk in Iraq before the attacks forced him and his family to flee. Khider is preparing to begin studying medicine in Australia.

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