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Yazda continuous support for Yazidis females, ISIS survivors.

Yesterday, 2nd February 2016, Yazda arranged a rehabilitation visit to Lalish Temple for 20 Yazidi women and girls, ISIS slavery survivors. Recently, those 20 desperate survivors had managed to escape from ISIS captivity where they have been subjected to sexual, physical and psychological abuse and/or violence by ISIS terrorists militants. All Yazidi survivors in Iraq-Kurdistan including those 20 females are living in a miserable situation where no enough support is available or being provided by any sides including government as well as international and UN organisations and agencies.

Those 20 females have not been offered any help or support so far, therefore, Yazda had decided to arrange this rehabilitation visit for them in which each female obtained 100$. In addition, Yazda had paid all travel expenses for this visit. Thanks for Yazda new members in Sweden for Supporting this visit.


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