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Yazda efforts to help ease the burden for families affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall and dropped nearly two feet of rain in the southeastern areas in Texas, causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding, tens of thousands of people in Houston and it`s outskirts have been displaced while their homes are flooded. And as Yazda global organization it is incumbent on us to help those people who have been forced out of their homes by providing the necessary help to the best of our capacity. 

After coming back from Dallas where thousands of people took refuge, members of Yazidi community in Houston join Yazda efforts and begun a vital work by helping save lives and giving comfort to numbers of families who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. As members of an oppressed minority those Yazidi families felt the pain of Hurricane victims and urged to reach out to those who needed help the most. As Yazda, we want to thank these Yazidi families who have gone out of their way to contribute to the disaster response efforts