Yazda Germany

Yazda Germany is a registered charitable and non-profit corporate in Germany under number HRB7595008 and tax number 99143/ 01093.

Yazda Germany is one of the main branches of Yazda Global Organization and it advocates for members of the persecuted Yazidi community and other religious minorities. In particular, it supports victims of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria such as the female victims of ISIS enslavement.

Yazda Germany works to:

1- Call for the German government & parliament to recognise Yazidi genocide and acknowledge ISIS crimes against all communities in Iraq and Syria.

2- support Yazda`s educational, psychological, cultural, aid, medical and health projects in Iraq through fundraising and building relationships with relevant German and EU organisations.

3- Integrate the Yazidi people in German society, especially the new refugees.

4- Introduce Yazidi culture to other communities in Germany and promote acceptance, tolerance and understanding between different communities and civilizations.

5- bring more children and women victims of ISIS enslavement to Germany for treatment.

6- raise human rights issue in Iraq with the German government/parliament and relevant organisations.

7- pursue German and other EU Governments to provide funding for rebuilding of the Yazidi areas and ensure their safe return.

8- Yazda Germany along with other Yazda`s branches to continue to support the Legal and advocacy campaign of Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad that aims to bring ISIS to justice.

Farida Abbas Khalaf

Farida is a board member of Yazda Germany and one of more than 6500 Yazidi survivors of ISIS enslavement and genocide. She was born in Kocho,-Sinjar, Northern Iraq. She was a high school student when ISIS attacked her village, killing men and taking women and children hostages. Since her escape, Farida has been an effective part of Yazda global advocacy campaign to bring ISIS militants to justice, raise awareness and bring international attention to the Genocide.  So far, Farida has spoken in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Lebanon and Belgium. Farida published her book, The Girls Who Beat ISIS, which has been published in more than 14 countries. Read more about Farida here . 

Saeed Qasim Sulaiman

Saeed is one of Yazda board members in Germany, a human rights activist and an advocate for the protection of the Yazidi community and other persecuted minorities. He is a personal assistant for Ms Farida Abbas, a Yazidi survivor. In 2015, Saeed established a Volunteers Center at Dohuk University (VDU) which is one of first volunteer centres in the entire Iraq. Saeed has a B.A degree in Political Sciences and he is the Founder Co-founder of Xwandesaz.

Email: saeed2sulaiman@gmail.com 

Susanne Winkelmann- Yazda Board member in Germany:
 Susanne is a Free TV producer, journalist, writer, screenwriter, format developer, director for international and national TV stations. Academic Advertising & Marketing Merchant – Degree at the Vienna University of Economics. Susanne has recently joined Yazda to support its humanitarian, legal and advocacy mission. You can read full biography here: http://susannestampf.com/biograpie

Please note that this section is under construction and more information will be added soon.

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