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Yazda Helps Returnees in Sinjar with Restarting Fifteen Small Businesses

Life in the Yazidi collectives (towns) of Sinjar was disrupted by the Islamic State Genocidal attack in August 2014. People abandoned their homes and only a few were able to return — but the return of life require much more than returning of people as infrastructure was destroyed, homes and businesses were looted, burned or destroyed.

Yazda wants to, and has been working in coordination with the community, to bring back life to some of these areas again. For nearly three months now, Yazda have been working with 15 former business owners who returned to Northern Sinjar District after liberating these areas to re-start their businesses or start new ones.

A need assessment was conducted and a thorough evaluation process was adopted to select business types and beneficiaries in towns there.

“Opening of these shops was very helpful to us. Prices are affordable to the community. Other shops were far away from our home so this new nearby shop is very helpful. We are grateful to Yazda” A resident commented.

Adil, a citizen of Zorava town, is one of the beneficiaries, said “Yazda opened this business for me, so that I can serve my family and my community, I didn’t have enough money to do this myself, but Yazda helped me, and my prices are lower than the other shops and a lot of people shop at my store”

Owner of a mobile phones and stationary shop commented also that “Yazda bought me a printer, cameras, stationaries, mobile phone parts, air refrigerated, and generator, I am grateful as I was empowered to start my business”.

The project also includes mechanical shops, bakeries, and barbershops.

For the mechanical shop; Yazda supplied an electric generator, fuel, spare parts, tools, and paid rent for 6 months.

In Do kore town, the first barbershop was also opened in the town through this program.

“Yazda NGO opened this shop for me, before there was no barbershop here, so the people used to go to Sinone town to a haircut done, they were paying for taxis to get there but now we have my shop here and people can save money, the price is very low in comparison to the others, I take 2,000 Dinars (1.5 dollars) for a haircut, so I help people and help my family too” said the owner of the barbershop.

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