Yazda Iraq

Yazda commenced operations in Iraq in January 2015 providing various humanitarian project, documentation work, and advocacy and legal projects. We currently have five offices throughout Iraq. 


Our headquarter in Iraq is based in city of Dohuk in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where our humanitarian programming targets supporting internally displaced people (IDPs) and households and communities in informal settlements. 

In Sinjar district, Yazda has a main office in the Sinuni Subdistrict and a field office in the City of Sinjar. Our programming in Sinjar targeting support returnees to re-establish their lives in the areas of case management, reconstruction, economic empowerment, education, health, and livelihood and agriculture. 


Our project in Bashiqa provides support to religious minorities in the Nineveh Plains. Our current programing including livelihood and agriculture support as well as case management. 


Yazda established its office in Baghdad in August, 2017 and provides advocacy support and our staff engage with Iraqi government, diplomatic missions, United Nation’s bodies, and Iraqi leaders and civil society. 

For General Questions: 

Dohuk and Sinjar Offices:

Email: iq@yazda.org

+964 627 624 434

+964 750 419 0169


Baghdad Office: 

Email: baghdad.coordinator@yazda.org

+964 772 339 8972

Bashiqa Office: 

Email: bashiqa.office@yazda.org

+964 750 839 9335