Yazda Iraq

Our Yazda office in Iraq.

The Yazda office in Iraq commenced operations on the 15th of January 2015. With direct access to IDPs, refugees, returnees and the host community, Yazda Iraq is the central hub of our work. Working on the ground in Iraq allows us to effectively and efficiently support people in need to better recover from the short-, medium-, and long-term effects of the ongoing genocidal campaign perpetrated against the Yazidi people.

Locations of work:

Yazda currently works within Duhok Governorate, located within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and Nineveh Governorate, which is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government of Iraq. In Dohuk, there are 22 IDP and refugee camps. We also support households and communities in informal settlements, which include non-camp locations and unfinished buildings, as well as displaced persons who may be living in urban areas. In Nineveh, we work in the Sinjar district, especially on Sinjar mountain, where IDP families have been living since 2014, and in the foothills, villages, and towns on the north side of Sinjar, where people and families are beginning to return and resettle following the liberation of the area from IS.

Full Name

Job Title

Murad Ismael Hassan Executive Director
Nagham Jalal Aloka Finance&HR Officer
Shawkat Yosuf Matto Driver
Faris Mishko Faris Cameraman and project video reporter
Jens Robert Janke Documentation  / M&E
Hajar Safar Office Coordinator/HR Officer
Hanaa Barakat Naif Cook
Documentation Project  
Guley Bor Project Manager
Ronak Hassan Alyas Translator/ Interviewer
Nada Selo Sheakho Translator/ Interviewer
Mahir Haji Khalaf Translator/ Interviewer
Zaid Salm Hasan Translator/ Interviewer
Farhan Dakheel Haji Translator/ Interviewer
Marwan Dawod Tmo Translator/ Interviewer
Administrative support for survivors  
Khalil Mjo Khalaf Project Manager
Farida Faleet Jirdo Case Manager
Awad Ismael Jamil IT Specialist and office assistant
Children Informal Education Program  
Firas Haji Omer Project Manager
11 part-time teachers Teachers
Mobile Medical Unit  
Darbo Abdullah Khalaf Project Manager/ Medic
Saido Qaro Jeyan Nurse
Najlaa Naif Alias Nurse
Suhaila Ato Khalaf Volunteer nurse
Sunoni Center
Suliman Jameel Chomer Office Manager
Ayda Yosuif Bakar Cleaner