30 January 2016
by admin

Yazda Issues Public Report on Yazidi Mass Graves in Sinjar (Shingal)

Map of Mass Graves in Sinjar - final - Jan 28, 2016

Over the past three months, Yazda has been conducting a genocide documentation project to gather evidence and survivor testimonies regarding the crimes of genocide committed against the Yazidis. A significant part of our focus has turned to the mass graves which are now accessible for documentation and analysis.

We are pleased to issue our new report today, on the mass graves of Yazidis that we have been able to investigate. We estimate at least 35 mass grave sites in total; of these, Yazda has been able to verify 19 of them through the examination of physical evidence and corroboration of survivor testimonies. Three others have been confirmed by other parties, and probably at least 10 remain inside IS-controlled territory. Three others require additional investigation but are likely mass grave sites.

Now that the mass graves of Yazidi civilians massacred by IS are accessible, we hope that this report can help re-energize the conversation surrounding the recognition of these crimes as genocide, and shine a light on the need for the international community to intervene on behalf of the Yazidi people in order that they might rebuild their lives and reclaim their homeland.

Click here to download the report or read the embedded report below:



2 thoughts on “Yazda Issues Public Report on Yazidi Mass Graves in Sinjar (Shingal)”

  1. We have a clear moral duty to help the Yazidi people in whatever way we can, including providing asylum as has happened in Germany. There can be few examples of people whose existence posed no threat to others being subjected to such appalling brutality. The international community must do everything possible to ensure that this cannot happen again.w

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