Yazda Sweden

“Yazda Sweden is a branch of the main Yazda organization. The team in Sweden is fairly new with its own activates supporting the Yazidi community locally and internationally. Over the past few years, many Yazidis have migrated to Sweden thus creating a bigger demand for Yazda to operate in the Scandinavian region and support the community in many different ways

One of the main tasks that Yazda Sweden focuses on and working toward is the parliamentary recognition of the Yazidi genocide. Sweden has always played a very important role in the international politics as human rights advocator with its contribution to peacekeeping.  Moreover, Yazda Sweden aims to support the Yazidi community in ways to introduce and preserve the Yazidi culture among local residence and Yazidi people.

As we believe in teamwork unification of the Yazidi people, our team in Sweden is constantly coordinating with other Yazidi associations and leaders in Sweden in order to provide the best service for our community.

Yazda Sweden Director/ Delkhwaz Haciy

Delkhwaz Haciy is the director of Yazda Sweden. She is one of the Sweden office directors. She has completed Master of Laws degree 2016 at the Faculty of law at Lund University. Also studied psychology and business economics at the University of Lund. Worked previously as saleswoman and nursing assistant during studies. Two years of experience with a non-profit organization, supporting witnesses and plaintiffs in criminal cases at the district Court in Lund.

Email: Delkhwaz.haciy@yazda.org

Mobile: +46 70 946 90 88

Akram Joumaa

Akram Joumaa is the director of Yazda Sweden. Akram has Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at Lund University and is now working as an electronics engineer at Axis Communications AB in Lund.  After the Yazidi genocide, Akram was an activist at the local Yazidi organisation in Lund “yazidiska förening” before he started to involve in Yazda’s work. Previously presented a project with a written documentary about the Yazidi religion in Swedish.



Aleen Abbo

Aleen Abbo is the chairwoman of Women and Children Affairs Committee. Aleen is a third year student, studying Biomedical Science at Kristianstad University, Sweden.

She was previously an activist at Amnesty organisation in Sweden. However, after the attacks on the Yazidis, and because she believes in freedom of religion, she decided to become a member of Yazda organisation to defend the rights of Yazidis from discrimination.

E-mail: aleen.abbo@yazda.org

Kheder S. Khalaf

Chairman of Fundraising Committee, Yazda Sweden

Kheder has bachelor of Science in Administration and Economy from University of Mosul in Iraq in 2001. Has worked as administrator and head of administration at the Human Rights Association in Iraq during 2002-2004. Worked as coordinator and head of Public Relations in the Ministry of State for Civil Society in Baghdad from 2004-2007. Studied Masters in Business Administration in 2011 at the University of Skövde in Sweden. Kheder has always a big interest in NGO and humanitarian organizations and have gathered a lot of experience during his work with national and international organizations in Iraq, as well as in Sweden as he has been a member of UN.

Salina Jamah

Salina Jamah, chairwoman of the Legal Committe. Salina is focusing on legal issues. The main responsiblity of Legal Committe is to advise the board on all issues related to issues concerning Yazda internally and externally. Salina is studying third year law at the University of Stockholm and works with legal matters at a law firm.

E-mail: salina.jamah@yazda.org

Salar Fatah Laso

Salar Fatah Laso, chairman of local community coordinating committee in Yazda Sweden. Salar has a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, received from Malmö University in 2014. Salar is active in both football coach and as a chairman of Ezid Sportklubb in Borlänge, Sweden. One of Salar’s goal is to integrate and gather people of different cultures in the same place. In addition, to minimize the inhumanity and give rights to all people in this world, especially minorities. His dream is to bring peace and safety to the vulnerable groups in the world, especially Yazidies

E-mail: salar.laso@yazda.org

Luba Suliman  

is the chairwoman of Media and IT Services Committee in Yazda Sweden. Luba is working as a medical doctor at a primary care as well as at the hospital sometimes. She has Master of Science in Medicine from faculty of Medicine, Lund University since 2015. She was previously a chairwoman of Yazidi women association in Sweden and a member in Swedish women association. She has work experiences in translation and as a nurse at intensive care unit. Her dream is to see everyone in this world has the same rights regardless of gender, region, race and ethnicity.

Diar Haciy

Diar Haciy is the chairman of Volunteering and Membership Committee in Yazda Sweden.

He has one year left of Biomedical Analytics at Malmö College and now working as Regional Customer Order Specialist at Axis Communications AB in Lund. Previously, he was teaching Kurdish (Kurmanjî) two years during the studies.

Diar Haciy was an activist at the local Yazidi organization in Arlöv “Yezidiska kultur föreningen Dasin” since 1999. Diar joined Yazda immediately after the Yazidi genocide in Sinjar.

E-mail: Diar.haciy@yazda.org