Yazda mission in Lincoln, Nebraska

Yazda-Lincoln is a US-based, sub-branch led by four co-founders and board members along with ten volunteer staff in Lincoln. Yazda’s Lincoln branch is responsible for maintaining its mission in the way of advocacy work in the local community and across the nation, wherever possible. Yazda is in the process of opening a Yazidi cultural center in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the near future. Through federal grants and private donations Yazda team is working toward establishing projects in the local community by providing cultural classes and English as a second language (ESL) classes to those who have recently arrived in the US.



As a team, Yazda works to build a strong foundation by partnering with existing agencies and organizations to expand on its local work. Currently, the team is in the process of partnering with Nebraska Historical Museum to take the first step in preserving Yazidi cultural artifacts and traditions by having an exhibit in the museum. In addition, the team plans to provide future activities and events related to the Yazidi culture as a way to introduce their rich culture to the larger Nebraskan community.


Yazda has also been sponsoring Yazidi annual holidays and occasions such as the Yazidi fasting holiday and the Yazidi New Year, among other events. Yazda’s Lincoln team participates in any activities that target the interests of Yazidis in general. As such, the team has always been part of peaceful local and interstate demonstrations to demand Yazidi rights everywhere in the world.


Meet our people and contact our leadership in Yazda-USA here.