The Yazidi Cultural Center — Lincoln, Nebraska, United States 

The Yazidi Cultural Center  (YCC) in Lincoln, Nebraska provides a communal space where Yazidis feel safe and can promote the preservation of their culture. The main goal of the center is to build a strong, integrated, and successful community while preserving the rich Yazidi culture. 


YCC provides services that will help with Integration into the American system, strengthening ties between Yazidis and other ethnic minority groups locally, preservation of Yazidi language, culture, and tradition, further educating, and orientation into public safety and legal systems.


English and Kurmanji classes are offered to promote linguistic and culturally appropriate services that advance social and cultural integration. Social and Cultural preservation services are offered, and include the native language, along with holidays, Yazidi history, cultures, and traditions.


Youth Academic Mentorship Program also is known as (YAMP) provides mentorship support to help students excel academically, meeting weekly with a mentor for individual and group tutoring. YAMP mentors consist of Yazidi youth that have shown leadership skills within the community to mentor younger aged Yazidi youth. This is to ensure their academic success and help them integrate into the U.S education system.


Legal Immigration assistance is offered by the Center for Legal Immigration Assistance (CLIA) for Yazidi refugees to gain knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as members of the U.S society, help obtain legal permanent residency and citizenship. Classes are offered by (CLIA) to teach Yazidi refugees their basic rights and include information for citizenship preparation. Referrals to local agencies provided as needed, and basic services surrounding integration are also offered


Our program is a 3 year-long project funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

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Saad Babir

Board Member

Director of Media and Relations 


Laila  Khudaida 

Co-founder and Board Member 

Director of Women Affairs

Directions to Yazda - Yazidi Cultural Center:  300 N 27th St suite c, Lincoln, NE 68503