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Yazda`s Statement about Yazidi Identity: Yazidis are Ethno-Religious Minority

Yazda Statement on the Identity of Yazidis

Power sharing in Iraq and Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) after the fallout of Iraqi totalitarian regime in April 2003 have diminished Yazidi representation in both political and administrative aspects in Iraq and KRI. Yazidis have not been treated equally as other Iraqi and KRI citizens.

With respect to Iraq and federal authorities, Yazidi rights have been repudiated from on allegory basis that Yazidis have a shared identity with the Kurds, and in the KRI, Yazidis have been treated on the basis of their religious affiliation as a second-class citizen, they have been granted no rights on the ethnicity claims, Yazidis have been deprived with respect to voting rights, budget and have been treated as “citizens under demand” different from general public of Kurdistan. Yazidi representation in both Iraq and KRI have been nominal under influence of special interests distant from high interests of Yazidi People…Read full report here Yazidi Identity: Yazidis are Ethno-Religious Minority

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