Education Projects

Education and economic empowerment complement each others in building resilience after a period of persecution. In the formal education sector, Yazda combats the many threats arose from the years of conflict, including children infiltration from schools, inability of the state institutions  to rebuild and reopen enough schools due to the destruction from war time, or provide minimum quality of education at the schools operation or enough numbers of teachers. 


Our Current Projects for 2018 and 2019: 

  1. Formal Education 

    • Yazda works with its partners IOM and USAID to provide schools in Sinjar and Nineveh Plains with 35 lecturers to supplement the available governmental teaching staff. Yazda also works through advocacy in Baghdad and in Nineveh to request governmental support to reopen all schools and hire enough teachers to meet minimum standards. 

  2. Informal Education

    • In the informal education sector, Yazda employees 10 lecturers to educate hundreds of children at three centers in northern Sinjar district. The children are taught English, basic science, critical thinking, presentations and public engagement. 

  3. Computer Lab 

    • Yazda is in the process of setting up a lab in the Sinuni Area to provide computer classes to the community. Support will include capacity building in various software needed for the job market, CVs and career building training, and coding. 

  4. Placing Students at Universities 

    • Yazda and its international partners have helped 10 students to be placed at the Bicocca Milan University in Italy, 1 student at University of Chicago in the United States, as well as placement with other institutions including LCC International University and American University in Sulimaniya. 

  5. Cash Assistance to Student

    • Yazda have supported College students in need with roughly $10,000 USDs since 2014. 

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