Our Projects

Women’s Center

Since early 2015, Yazda has run a case management platform to better serve female survivors of ISIL enslavement. This case management platform has helped over 1,000 female victims.....

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Genocide Documentation Project

In September 2015, Yazda submitted a report to the International Criminal Court (ICC) requesting a preliminary investigation into crimes of genocide committed against the Yazidi people......

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Mount Sinjar Mobile Medical Clinic

Our mobile medical clinic provides free health care to remote areas in Sinjar Mountain. The local people in these areas are either displaced, or returnees trying to rebuild their homes......

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Education And Support for Children

Thousands of Yazidi children have been orphaned since the August, 2014 ISIS attack on the Yazidi community. One of Yazda’s primary goals is to provide direct humanitarian......

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Aid Work

Helping restore the Yazidi community and rebuilding our homeland is paramount to Yazda. The majority of Yazidis currently residing on Sinjar Mountain are hidden in the foothills......

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Completed projects2014-2016

  1. MEDICAL SERVICES FOR ASSYAN REFUGEES CAMP In partnership with Norwegian Church Aid, Kurdistan Region’s Health Directorate of Dohuk,  German Action Medeor, and other inte...

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Yazda Videos

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